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The Adventures of Tar-man
      by John Rose

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Episode Three

His gift is the understanding of water. As he stands alone on the rooftop in the pouring rain, he feels that the water is continuous with his being. It is as though the thin membrane of skin which keeps his mostly water body from flowing out has disappeared, leaving no distinction between Tar-man and his environment, no empty shell in which his soul must live a lonely eternity. And he can see easily, if he so chooses, where the water goes, for he is there, too. As it flows past parapet walls, through foundation cracks, along joists, into plaster and drywall, around stone facings, wires, pipes, curtains, furniture, and glass, he feels the elements of his body break into a million tiny drops and follow. And across the city, as the rain falls on endless numbers of people huddled in doorways, smoking cigarettes, running through streets, catching taxis, or in that one in a hundred case just standing and communing, face toward the sky, he experiences virtually the only real human contact he is ever able to know, the contact of water on water-filled flesh only a heartbeat from the contact of two bodies with one another. As he experiences the rain, so he experiences his life in the world.


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