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Our Gaucho en la Playa - 3/21/2002

Although I have limited funds and a general fear of the water, spring break found me in Mexico this year. Rocky Point to be exact. Here's a little ditty about what I found. 

I must admit that I had two prevailing impressions in my large cranium of what a trip to Rocky Point might involve, namely, a gaudy resort and frat boys. Thankfully, yet regretfully I was proven wrong. Why the contradictory juxtaposition of emotions? Well, I was thankful because I saw no frat boys. But then of course, there were no sorority girls around either. Unfortunate in one sense but despite the lack of thong clad buns, RP, as I have come to call it, offered what I have no doubt was a taste of authentic Mexican culture (compared to Nogales at least) and miles of beautiful relaxing beaches.

The weather was a bit chilly and the ocean was god dammed frigid. For fun we drew straws to see who would have to jump in that schlong shrinker they call the Gulf of Cee A. The bloke who lost the draw took to his fate with bravery. That was enough for one day. On the morrow, the rest of our group decided to also get wet. To make a short story shorter two of our group, myself included, suffered Sting Ray stings! I guess that's why they call them STING Rays. Anyway my wounds were relatively mild compared to the bleeding, pussing gash the other girl suffered. 

Overall, I returned to the states satisfied. Sure I wouldn't have minded a few more coeds passing by the tent flap or perhaps a little bit of sun so that my body temperature could have remained above 90 degrees. And I wouldn't have complained if all of the dangerous water creatures weren't in attack mode but what are you gonna do? Generally speaking, RP was a worthwhile adventure. 

                                                               - Gaucho

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