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Our Man in Germany 

Wie geht´s Readers!  Hope all is glad and glorious for those of you not as lucky as I to be out here in the field. Germany is treating me well - I recently put my college degree to good use and got a job as a checkout boy at the local army PX. I believe the the sky is the limit for me here! 

The summers are beautiful in the Franconian region of Bavaria in the Fatherland, aka Germany. I've spent the better part of July traipsing around the area, eating various kinds of wurst, sipping dunkel beer and, I have to admit, doing a fair bit of yodeling. Some highlights of the trip, in Germany, have been the multiple beer gardens and the BMW Museum in Munich, the newly opened Nazi Museum in Nuremburg, the medieval towns of Rothenburg and Dinkelsbuhl and, of course, any German dancing at a nightclub that I can fit in to my schedule. I also had the opportunity to visit Jeff Chazire's estranged wife in Stroebel, Austria. Stroebel is located in the Lake District and is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Besides the spectacular scenery we were treated to some delicious Austrian fare. Let me sum things up by saying that the Germans might be the most anal group of Europeans that I have encountered thus far, but Germany and Austria are by far the most picturesque countries. 

Plus there are no Moroccans (read previous issue)! 

                                             Stay Golden!

                                                               - OMITF

Our Man in the Field

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