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Our Man on the Continent 

Paris was beautiful. Barcelona was cool but hot and crowded. Granada was also crowded but very scenic. Then we descended into hell. Hell is Morocco, or as I imagine, any place on the African continent. We should have known better after hearing Jeff Chazire's kidnapping story from Fes, but we didn't listen and ended up in that same godforsaken city. To make a long story short, we felt lucky to escape with our lives and our lightened pocketbooks. A piece of advice to anyone who cares to read this column - please, for the love of God and all of humanity, don't ever, ever, go to Morocco. I'm serious!

When we got back to civilization we spent several days in Lisbon, a great, lively city with very friendly folks. We then wrapped things up with several days on the beach in southern Portugal. We just recently got to Germany which will be discussed in my next submission. 

Stay Golden,


                                                               - OMITF

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