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Letter concerning Milk prices in the Pacific Northwest - 8/23/2003

To whom it may concern,

I would like to hear a response from you on the high price for milk in the Pacific Northwest. According to a recent article, our prices are way above the average for the rest of the country. A local pricing firm stated, that the area dairy farmers are getting squeezed between lower selling price and increasing cost of doing business. One farmer gets about $12 per 100# of milk. Your stores sometimes have sales, but mostly charge around $3/gallon. I think this is Obscene! Milk is a basic food and necessary for children's health and development. A mark-up of nearly two dollars a gallon, IS GOUGING, pure and simple. As a retired military, I can shop at a Commissary, and their brand is Vitamilk and sells for around $1.40 per gallon! If they can make a profit at that price, so can you! Of course, this store is 20 miles away, so I cannot save anything that way, but if I'm going in that direction, I will stop in and buy 2 gallons. On a perishable like milk, I cannot buy too far ahead. As a senior, and a World War 2 veteran, I deserve better than this.

If at first you don't succeed; stay away from hang gliding. 


Ed - We're not entirely sure why Dan sent us this letter but are glad to publish it and are certainly not in favor of jacking up the price of life sustaining fluids in any part of the country. Although we drink mostly Silk here at the Goliard and aren't convinced that cow's milk is the best source of sustenance for humans in the first place, we suspect we were chosen to receive the missive due to our previous Safeway piece.  It was noted in the linked article (which we're assuming was the one Dan must have read as it was published in the Northwest) that Safeway, in their usual style, had no comment on the accusations. We did a bit of research and found an article here that may shed some light on the matter. If we get further wind that something seriously untoward is occurring behind the scenes in the milk industry we won't hesitate to assign the Snapper to look into it as he has some previous experience going undercover in Washington dairies. And be warned that it's not only milk we'll look into but all manufacture of dairy products.


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