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I'm writing a &*$#@% letter

Periodically in life, a person will complete a business transaction and find themselves unsatisfied. Whether it be with a large corporation, local lemonade stand, law firm, mega chain, pawn shop, feed store, ball team, chic eatery, ma and pa diner, faceless mega conglomerate, branch of government, medical office, charitable group, insurance company or simply another person, folks often find that they are exiting the relationship less than satisfied with the outcome of the dealings. One might find themselves, for example, stumbling forth from an establishment, considerably lighter in the wallet, and yet, with a bilious stomach or other lingering foul taste, over the quality of goods received or the level of service not rendered. Many of us are reduced to muttering "I should write a &*%$#% letter to somebody about this." This space is a repository for those letters, whether they are ever actually delivered to the offending party or not. Such letters will be archived here as reminders of past offenses suffered as well as for the artistic and vitriolic value contained therein. If you would like yours included, please submit to for consideration.

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