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Editorial Policy

The opinions expressed herein are ours. They are not sanctioned by any governing body, political group, or regime of any importance and not meant to affect policy, change lifestyles or serve as spiritual guide. We reserve the right to change our opinions retroactively and/or admit we were wrong, biased, oppressed, or simply in a bad mood when we initially formed them. Nobody on the Goliard staff has formal training of any kind in forming opinions nor are any of us qualified in any way to pass judgment. We may comport ourselves as if we are however and make no apologies on that score. We do not accept contributions of any kind, either written or monetary, from anyone who is not one of us. Becoming one of us is either impossible or relatively simple depending on your world view. If you long to be one of us, you probably aren't. If you suspect there are idiots behind this enterprise, you are invited to join.



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