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May, 2003


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A Correspondence

[Communiqué Sequence]

Epistle Seven - Letter from Pedro to James



Did you hear me yelling out that you should be killed? God that was funny. You should have seen the look on your face. You can imagine my initial surprise when I realized it was you playing the lead. I'm not sure if you'd heard or not but I'm currently traveling with my sister in law and some of her cousin's kids and we just happened to decide to go to a performance. For the first half I wasn't sure it was you since my seats were way in the back but pretty soon I knew it had to be (that little jump you do when you're pretending to be irritated gave it away). I tried to think of a way to catch you off guard and it suddenly came to me. I knew you couldn't see me over the lights so I charged the stage and shouted. "He should be killed for telling a joke like that." To be quite honest I expected a little more reaction from the rest of the crowd but in hindsight I've decided that most of them must have been fast asleep as it seems pretty clear that we were the only people under 80 in attendance. And even though I was escorted out it was worth it because it allowed me some time to walk the streets alone and think about things. Anyway it was a surprise to see you on stage after all these years. 

Florida and the rest of the trip has been great. It's been nice to get away and live a totally different life for awhile. My S in L Cecelia suggested the trip after I got laid off and it was just what the doctor ordered. She's using it to experiment to see if she wants to settle down and have a family and I get to pretend I'm someone else for a few weeks. The kids have been great and we've been doing all the touristy things along with some slumming and hard drinking. I'd highly recommend it but I guess as an actor this is what you pretty much get to do all the time anyway. The difference being that nobody rushes up to me and suggests that I need to be killed. That was really funny. I can't stop chuckling about it.

Amy is doing fine back at home and is hard at work with the new job. She travels quite a bit so she doesn't miss me all that much I'm pretty sure. When she was in town it wasn't all that pleasant to be honest so the time apart has to be doing us some sort of good. It's not healthy for either party for a wife to come home from a hard days work and see their spouse sitting around looking all hang dog and pathetic with a bunch of empties strewn about so this trip is working out for the both of us. Cecelia has plenty of money from her modeling so it's not costing me a dime.

Whoops, one of the little ones needs a diaper change so I've gotsta go go. I'll try to catch up with you again if we see that your show is on in any of the towns we pass through. I'd like to see how it ends. I think I remember that the novel it was based on was an unfinished work so I'm curious to know how your director dealt with that situation. Evidently not curious enough to refrain from rushing the stage and suggest at the top of my lungs that you be killed though. Didn't you think that was funny? I can't tell you how that tickles me. Anyway so if I don't run into you I'll give you a call when you get back to NYC. Maybe Cecelia and I could come hang out with you there for awhile after we drop the kids off. We can use it as sort of a decompression chamber before we head back to our other lives. We're going to need some sort of transition I'm afraid and it may not be pretty. Might as well be in the big apple around other dysfunctionals.

Later gator,






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