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Books and Booklists

Books matter and the books one chooses to read matter and the books one chooses to keep matter. Some of us allow the public library to keep most of the books we read for us which is fine as the people working there are hopefully trained professionals (see Letter to UCLA Bruin) and most of us have limited space. However, a wise man once reflected for us that he had never understood why it was that he had always felt a certain unease in libraries until one day it dawned on him. The librarians and he were at cross purposes. He wanted to use and absorb the collection and the librarians wanted to keep it organized on the shelves and in place. That is their jobs after all, to be anal compulsive so the rest of us don't have to. But we digress. Some of us collect the books we read and organize them on our shelves using different stratagems that vary from piling them pell mell as we get them to arranging them in some coherent manner. Some of us never read the books we collect but display them to appear more erudite and interesting. Books are central to the decor in some dwellings (see Shelving the Millennium). This space is devoted to the sharing of booklists, a place to post them for those who keep them. Lists of what people have read, plan to read, or think should be required reading for others. Cataloging schemes and display strategies are also of interest and will be posted. Nothing gives more insight to a person than a list of what is in their libraries save perhaps a view inside their medicine cabinet. Anonymous postings are accepted and encouraged. Those who want to include an inventory of their medicine cabinets will be accommodated. 


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