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From the Tigris to the Tiber Jones, Tom  
Hinduism Kinsley, David  
Japanese Religion Earhart, H. Byron  
Tao te Ching Mitchell, Stephen, tr.  
Ancient Art Faure, Elie  
The Life of Greece Durant, Will 3500-1146 B.C.
The New Oxford Companion to Music, Vol. 1 A-J Arnold, Denis, ed. 2001
The New Oxford Companion to Music, Vol. 2 K-Z Arnold, Denis, ed.  
History of Theatre Brockett, Oscar  
World Drama Brockett/Pape  
Griechische Mythologie v. 2 Preller  
Bulfinches Mythology    
Historical Anthology of Music Davison/ Apel 1000 B.C.-1621
Ceasar and Christ Durant, Will 800 B.C. - 325
Economic & Social Growth of Early Greece Starr 800 - 500 B.C.
Great Conversation Great Books 1  
Syntopicon I Great Books 2  
Syntopicon II Great Books 3  
The Iliad & The Odyssey Great Books 4  
The Iliad Homer  
Oedipus at Colonus Sophocles  
Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristotle Great Books 5  
Herodotus, Thucydides Great Books 6  
Plato Great Books 7  
Romische Geschichte v. 3 Livius  
Romische Geschichte v. 4    
Romische Geschichte v. 5    
Aristotle I Great Books 8  
Aristotle II Great Books 9  
Hippocrates, Galen Great Books 10  
Euclid, Archimedes, Apollonius, Nicomachus Great Books 11  
The Panchatantra Ryder, Arthur, tr. 200 B.C.
Lucretius, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius Great Books 12  
The Enchiridion Epictetus  
The Aeneid I-VI (1 vol.) Virgil  
Virgil Great Books 13  
Josephus Feuchtwanger, Lion c. 66
The Satyricon Petronius  
Tacitus Great Books 15  
Plutarch Great Books 14  
Lebens Beschreibungen v. 1 Plutarch  
Lebens Beschreibungen v. 2    
Lebens Beschreibungen v. 3    
Lebens Beschreibungen v. 4    
Lebens Beschreibungen v. 5    
Lebens Beschreibungen v. 6    
Horazens Satyren von Wieland v. 1 Horace  
Horazens Satyren von Wieland v. 2    
Horatii Opera vol. 2 only Horace  
Cicero und Seine Freude    
The Bible (revised standard) God  
Oxford Annotated Apocrypha God  
Early Christianity Bainton  
The Gnostics LaCarriere, Jacques  
The Gnostic Gospels Pagels, Elaine  
Holy Blood, Holy Grail Baigent, Michel  
Dead Sea Scrolls Deception Baigent, Michel  
Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler Great Books 16  
Empires of Early Latin America Hammond, Norman et al c.240 ff.
Plotinus Great Books 17  
Age of Faith Durant, Will 325 - 1300
Augustine Great Books 18  
Philosophy of Religion Wainwright  
Classical Music & It's Origins    
History of Western Music Grout, Donald J.  
Civilisation Clark, Kenneth  
The Middle Ages (Art) Shaver-Crandell  
Tausend und ein Tag Orientalischer Erzahlungen v. 1    
Tausend und ein Tag Orientalischer Erzahlungen v. 4    
Tausend und ein Tag Orientalischer Erzahlungen v. 5    
Beowulf Greenfield, tr.  
"Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming" German melody 10thc.
Masterpieces of Music Before 1750 Parrish/ Ohl 11th c.-1750
Edward the Confessor Barlow b. 1005
William the Conqueror Douglas b. 1028
Early Medieval England Clanchy, M.T. 1066ff.
Song of Roland    
Henry II Warren b. 3/4/1133
Legends of King Arthur Barber, Richard, ed. c. 1160
Chinggis Khan Onon, tr. b. 4/16/1162
Laxdaela Saga   1245
Thomas Aquinas I Great Books 19 1273
Thomas Aquinas II Great Books 20 1273
Pearl Boroff, Marie, tr.  
Sir Gawain & the Green Knight Boroff, Marie, tr.  
Chinese Literature Chang  
The Renaissance Durant, Will 1304 - 1576
Music Through the Renaissance Thomson  
Renaissance Art Faure, Elie  
History of Ideas & Images in Italian Art Hall  
Art of the Renaissance Murray  
The Renaissance (Art) Letts  
Renaissance Architecture Lowry  
Italian Renaissance Plumb  
Dante Great Books 21 1321
Selected Sonnets, Odes, Letters Petrarch  
The Reformation Durant, Will 1300-1564
The Sonnets of Michel Angelo    
Guillaume de Machaut Levarie b. 1300
Norton Anthology of Poetry    
Chaucer Great Books 22  
Canterbury Tales Chaucer 1400
The Imitation of Christ a Kempis, Thomas 1441
Edward IV Ross b. 4/28/1442
Florence & the Medici Hale  
Leonardo da Vinci Vallentin b. 1452
Richard III Ross b. 10/2/1452
Sunne in Splendour Penman, Sharon Kay  
Henry VII Chrimes b. 1/28/1457
"Ave sanctissima Maria" Mouton, Jean b. 1459
Tales of King Arthur Malory 1469
The Once and Future King White, T.H.  
The Arthurian Legends Barber  
"O admirabile commercium" Stoltzer, Thomas b. 1480
Henry VIII Scarisbrick b. 6/28/1491
At the Court of the Borgia Burchard, Johann e. 8/11/1492
Book of the Courtier Castiglione 1516
Machiavelli, Hobbes Great Books 23  
Mandragola Machiavelli 1520
16 Chorales for 4 trombones various 1524 ff.
"Exsultate Deo" (SSATB) Palestrina, G. Pierluigi da b. 1525
"Alma Redemptoris Mater" (SATB) Palestrina, G. Pierluigi da b. 1525
"Sicut cervius" (SATB) Palestrina, G. Pierluigi da b. 1525
"O la! O che bon eco!" (SATB) di Lasso, Orlando b. 1532
Rabelais Great Books 24 1535
Lives of the Artists Vasari 1550
"Ascendens Christus" (SATB) Handl, Jacob 1550
Nathaniel's Nutmeg Milton, Giles 1553 ff.
"Ave Maris Stella" (SATB) Anerio, Felice b. 1560
"Crux Fideles" (SATB) Anerio, Felice b. 1560
"Alma Redemptoris Mater" (SATB) Anerio, Felice b. 1560
"Veni Sancte Spiritus" (SATB) Allegri, Gregorio b. 1582
Doctor Faustus Marlowe 1588
Music in Croatia Andreis, Josip  
Age of Reason Begins Durant, Will and Ariel 1558-1648
Claudio Monteverdi Redlich b. 5/1567
Montaigne Great Books 25 1580
"Good King Wenceslas" (Piae Cantiones; SATB)(2 vers.) Ren. tune 1582
Ascendens Christus de Victoria, Tomas Luis 1585
Elizabeth and Essex Strachey 5/1587
Shakespeare I Great Books 26 1588
"Coventry Carol"   1591
Selected Plays Shakespeare 1594
Henry IV, Pt. 1 Shakespeare 1597
Julius Caesar Shakespeare 1599
Shakespeare II Great Books 27 1599-1600
Twelfth Night Shakespeare 1599-1600
Short History of Opera Grout 10/6/1600
Gilbert, Galileo, Harvey Great Books 28 1600
Francis Bacon Great Books 30 1605
"Tobacco" (Musicall Humors) Hume, Tobias 1605
"Jonah" (Jonas) Carissimi, Giacomo b. 1605
Macbeth Shakespeare 1605-6
Opera in History: From Monteverdi to Cage Lindenberger, Herbert Mantua, 1607
In Ecclesiis Gabrieli, Giovanni 1615
Cervantes Great Books 29 1615
Psalms and Motets: XXXVI and XXXVII Schutz, Heinrich 1619
"Fili mi, Absalon" (Symphoniae Sacrae) Schutz, Heinrich 1629
Descarte, Spinoza Great Books 31 1629
Milton Great Books 32 1629
Jubilate Deo omnis terra Schutz, Heinrich 1639
Age of Louis XIV Durant, Will and Ariel 1648-1715
Sonata detta la Soarda a 6 (Correnti e balletti a cinque) Cazzati, Mauritio 1654
Pascal Great Books 33 1656
Diary of Samuel Pepys Vols. I-III Pepys, Samuel 1659-1663
Diary of Samuel Pepys Vols. IV-VI   1664-1667
Diary of Samuel Pepys Vols. VII-VIII   1667-1669
Historia der Geburt Jesu Christi Schutz, Heinrich 1664
"Ziehet hin" from Historia Schutz, Heinrich 1664
Alleluia Hanff, Johann Nicolaus b. 1665
Misanthrope & Other Plays Moliere 1666
"Confitebor tibi Domine" (Psalm 110) Caldara, Antonio b. 1670
"Belle Hermione helas!" (Cadmus et Hermione) Lully, Jean-Baptiste 1673
"Il faut passer (Air de Caron)" (Alceste)(2 copies) Lully, Jean-Baptiste 1674
"Que rien ne trouble ici (Air de Mars)" (Thesee) Lully, Jean-Baptiste 1675
6 Sonatas for Bassoon and Piano Galliard, John Ernest b. 1678
Newton, Huygens Great Books 34 1686
Two Treatises of Government Locke 1688
Locke, Berkeley, Hume Great Books 35 1689
Le Violette Scarlatti, Allessandro c.1700
Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias   c. 1700
Cantata 82: Ich habe genug Bach, Johann Sebastian c.1713
Age of Voltaire Durant, Will and Ariel 1715-56
Eighteenth Century English Literature    
Six Suites for unaccompanied violoncello Bach, Johann Sebastian 1720
Six Suites for cello transcribed for trombone, 1,2,3 Bach, Johann Sebastian 1720
Six Suites for cello transcribed for trombone, 4,5,6 Bach, Johann Sebastian 1720
Bach, Sechs Brandenburg Konzerte (score) Bach, Johann Sebastian 1721
French Suite No. 5 Bach, Johann Sebastian 1722
Cantata 76: Die Himmel erzahlen die Ehre Gottes Bach, Johann Sebastian 1723
Magnificat Bach, Johann Sebastian 1723
St. John Passion Bach, Johann Sebastian 1723
Motet: Jesu, meine Freude Bach, Johann Sebastian 1723
Cantata 78: Jesu, der du meine Seele Bach, Johann Sebastian 1724
"Dall'ondoso periglio" (Giulio Cesare in Egitto) Handel, G.F. f.p. London 2/20/1724
Basic Writings Jonathan Edwards  
"English" Suites I, II, III Bach, Johann Sebastian 1725
Swift, Sterne Great Books 36 1726
St. Matthew Passion Bach, Johann Sebastian 1729
Cantata 159: Sehet, wir geh'n hinauf nach Jerusalem Bach, Johann Sebastian 1729
Cantata 140: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme Bach, Johann Sebastian 1731
"O ruddier than the cherry" (Acis and Galatea) Handel, G.F. f.p. London 5/28/1732
"Revenge, Timotheus Cries" (Acis?) Handel, G.F. ?
"Sorge infausta una procella" (Orlando) Handel, G.F. f.p. London 1733
Cantata 79: The Lord is a Sun and Shield Bach, Johann Sebastian 1735
Magnificat Bach, Johann Christian b. 1735
"Nature, Amour" (Castor et Pollux) Rameau, Jean-Philippe f.p. Paris 10/24/1737
Mass in B minor Bach, Johann Sebastian c.1738
"Quoniam" from Mass in B minor Bach, Johann Sebastian c.1738
Israel In Egypt Handel, G.F. 1739
The Messiah (Watkins Shaw) Handel, G.F. 1741
The Messiah (Schirmer) Handel, G.F. 1741
"Honor and Arms" (Samson) Handel, G.F. 1743
"Leave Me, Loathsome Light" (Semele) Handel, G.F. 1743
Thomas Jefferson Brodie b. 4/13/1743
Jefferson The Virginian Malone, Dumas b. 4/13/1743
Jefferson & The Rights of Man    
Jefferson & The Ordeal of Liberty    
Jefferson First Term   1801-5
Jefferson Second Term   1805-9
Jefferson Sage of Monticello    
Montesquieu, Rousseau Great Books 38 1748
Fielding Great Books 37 1749
The Classical Style Rosen, Charles  
Classic & Romantic Music Blume  
Chamber Music Ulrich, Homer 1755
Haydn 83 Quartette Band I op. 1 ff. (score) Haydn, Joseph 1755
Rousseau & Revolution Durant, Will and Ariel 1756-89
Sonatas for the Pianoforte Volume I Haydn, Joseph 1761 ff.
The Essential Rousseau   1762
Mass in C Major (Coronation Mass) Mozart, W.A. 1769
Rameau's Nephew/D'Alembert's Dream Diderot 1769
Life of Beethoven Thayer, Alexander b. 12/16/1770
Confessions v. 1 Rousseau 1770
Confessions v. 2    
Haydn 83 Quartette Band II op. 20 ff. (score) Haydn, Joseph 1771
Sonatas and Fantasies for the Piano Mozart, W.A. 1774 ff.
Sufferings of Young Werther Goethe 1774
Die Leiden des Jungen Werthers Goethe 1774
Great German Short Novels   1774
War of the Revolution I Ward 4/18/1774-1776
War of the Revolution II    
Adam Smith Great Books 39 1776
Gibbon I Great Books 40 1776
Gibbon II Great Books 41 1776
American State Papers, J.S. Mill Great Books 43 1776
David's Lamentation, Rose of Sharon, Boston Billings, William 1778
Bentrage zur Finanz-Litteratur, vol. 1   1781
Bentrage zur Finanz-Litteratur, vol. 2   1781
Kant Great Books 42 1781
Selected Poems Blake, William 1783
Le Mariage de Figaro, v. 1 Beaumarchais 1784
Le Mariage de Figaro, v. 2   1784
The Marriage of Figaro (full score) Mozart, W.A. f.p. 5/1/1786
"Se vuol ballare, Signor contino" (Le Nozze di Figaro) Mozart, W.A. f.p. 5/1/1786
"Non piu andrai" (Le Nozze di Figaro) Mozart, W.A. f.p. 5/1/1786
"Mentre ti lascio" Mozart, W.A. 3/23/1787
Don Giovanni (score) Mozart, W.A. f.p. 10/29/1787
"Ho capito" (Don Giovanni) Mozart, W.A. f.p. 10/29/1787
Melodious Etudes for Trombone Book I Bordogni/ Rochut b. 1788
Melodious Etudes for Trombone Book III Bordogni/ Rochut b. 1788
Lavoisier, Fourier, Faraday Great Books 45 1789
Age of Napolean Durant, Will and Ariel 1789-1815
Cosi fan tutte (score) Mozart, W.A. f.p. 1/26/1790
"Rivolgete a lui lo sguardo" (orig. Cosi fan tutte) Mozart, W.A. f.p. 1/26/1790
Cosi fan tutte (full score) Mozart, W.A. f.p. 1/26/1790
The Magic Flute (score) Mozart, W.A. f.p. 9/30/1791
The Magic Flute (libretto) Mozart, W.A. f.p. 9/30/1791
The Magic Flute (translation) Auden, W.H. tr. f.p.  9/30/1791
Boswell Great Books 44 1791
Classical Guitar Method Carcassi, Matteo b. 1792
Minuet in G (Piano version) Beethoven, Ludwig van 1792
Minuet in G (Piano version) another copy Beethoven, Ludwig van 1792
Haydn 83 Quartette Band III  op. 55 ff. (score) Haydn, Joseph 1792
Beethoven Sonatas for the Piano Beethoven, Ludwig van 1794 ff.
Perpetual Peace Kant, Immanuel 1795
Beethoven Funf Konzerte fur Pianoforte (score) Beethoven, Ludwig van 1795-1809
Die Schopfung Haydn, Franz Joseph 1797-8
Lyrical Ballads Wordsworth/Coleridge 1798
Unknown Arabic Book ? ?
Complete String Quartets (score) Beethoven, Ludwig van 1800-1826
Marbot Hildesheimer, Wolfgang b. 1801
Elective Affinities Goethe c. 10/4/1809
Fifteen Studies in Style and Expression Concone, Giuseppe b. 1810
Concertino in E flat major, op. 26 (transc. bassoon) Weber, C.M. von 1811
Romance for Trombone and Piano Weber, C.M. von ?
L'amante impaziente op. 82, no. 4 Beethoven, Ludwig van 1811
Complete Brothers Grimm   1812
"The Night Zephyr Stirs the Air" Dargomyzhsky, A. b. 1813
Vocalise #5 in F Lamperti, Francesco b. 1813
Richard Wagner Watson b. 5/22/1813
"Pensa che questo istante" Schubert, Franz 9/13/1813
"Mir ist so wunderbar" (Fidelio) Beethoven, Ludwig van 1814
"Hat man nicht auch Gold beineben" (Fidelio) Beethoven, Ludwig van 1814
The Romantic Era (music)   1814
The Barber of Seville (libretto) Rossini, Gioacchino f.p. 2/20/1816
"La Calunnia" (The Barber of Seville) Rossini, Gioacchino f.p. 2/20/1816
Grundzuge der Politik v. 1 Craig 1816
Grundzuge der Politik v. 2    
Grundzuge der Politik v. 3    
La Cenerentola (score) Rossini, Gioacchino f.p. 1/25/1817
Polonaises for the Piano Chopin, Frederic 1817 ff.
Complete Keats & Shelley   1817
Works Schopenhauer 1818
Walt Whitman: A Life Kaplan 5/31/1819
Melmoth the Wanderer Maturin, Charles 1820
"Silent Night" Mohr/ Gruber ?
Hegel Great Books 46 1821
Rosamunde (score) Schubert, Franz 1823
Im Abendroth Schubert, Franz 1824
Ave Maria op. 52, no.6 Schubert, Franz 1825
Winterreise Schubert, Franz 1827
L'incanto degli occhi op. 83, no. 1 Schubert, Franz 1827
"Bamboula: Danse de Negres" for 2 pianos-4 hands Gottschalk, Louis b. D3265/8/1829
Etude op. 10, no. 5 Chopin, Frederic 1829
Etude op. 10, no. 7 Chopin, Frederic 1829
Etude op. 10, no. 8 Chopin, Frederic 1829
Etude op. 10, no. 12 Chopin, Frederic 1829
Russian Intermediate Reader    
Depths of Glory Stone b. 1830
Nocturnes for the Piano Chopin, Frederic 1830 ff.
Eugene Onegin Pushkin, Alexander 1830
The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin Pushkin, Alexander 1831
The Origin Stone, Irving 1831
"Vi ravviso" (La Sonnambula) Bellini, Vinzenzo f.p. Milan 3/6/1831
Goethe Great Books 47 1832
"Come Paride vezzoso" (L'Elisir d'Amore) Donizetti, Gaetano f.p. Milan 5/12/1832
Leonce & Lena, etc Buchner, Georg 1832-7
Lenz & Hessische Landbot Buchner, Georg 1832-7
Samtliche Werke Buchner, Georg 1832-7
Gesammelte Werke Buchner, Georg 1832-7
Practical Method of Italian Singing Vaccai, Nicola 1833
Tales & Poems Poe, Edgar Allan 1833
Preludes for the Piano Chopin, Frederic 1834 ff.
Etude op. 25, no. 1 Chopin, Frederic 1834-36
Etude op. 25, no. 2 Chopin, Frederic 1834-36
Etude op. 25, no. 7 Chopin, Frederic 1834-36
Etude op. 25, no. 11 Chopin, Frederic 1834-36
I Puritani (score) Bellini, Vincenzo f.p. 1/25/1835
"Arthur, the Greatest King" Lupack, Alan, ed. 1835
"Radiant stars, above the mountains glowing" Cui, Cesar b. 1835
Morceau Symphonique pour trombone tenor et piano Guilmant, Alexandre b. 1837
Etude in A flat no. 26 Chopin, Frederic 1839
Thirty Songs Schumann, Robert 1840
Mondnacht op. 39, no.5 Schumann, Robert 1840
"Hark, The Herald Angels Sing" (music) Mendelssohn, Felix ?
Musikdramen (Rienzi et al) Wagner, Richard v. 11/19/1840
King Edward VII Magnus, Phillip b. 11/9/1841
"Tu sul labbro de'veggenti" (Nabucco) Verdi, Giuseppe f.p. Milan 3/9/1842
The Flying Dutchman Wagner, Richard f.p. 1/2/1843
Don Pasquale Donizetti, Gaetano f.p. 1/3/1843
Economic & Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 Marx, Karl 1844
The  Count of Monte Cristo Dumas, Alexandre 8/1844
A Treasury of Stephen Foster Foster, Stephen 12/7/1844
Selected Works Marx & Engels 1845
Sonnets form the Portuguese Browning, Elizabeth 1846
Elijah Mendelssohn, Felix f.p. 1846
"Psalm 22" (double chorus) Mendelssohn, Felix ?
"L'Esclave" Lalo, Edouard 1848
The Nineteenth-Century Legacy (music)   1850
Rigoletto (score) Verdi, Giuseppe f.p. 3/11/1851
Rigoletto (libretto) Verdi, Giuseppe f.p. 3/11/1851
Melville Great Books 48 1851
Essays & Aphorisms Schopenhauer, Arthur 1851
Seven Verdi Librettos Weaver, William, tr. 1851
Passionate Pilgrim: The Life of Vincent Van Gogh Hanson b. 3/30/1852
Forty Songs Brahms, Johannes 1852
La Traviata Verdi, Giuseppe f.p. 3/6/1853
Crimea James, Lawrence 1854-6
The Tenderest Lover Whitman, Walt 1855
"Il lacerato spirito" (Simon Boccanegra) Verdi, Giuseppe f.p. Venice 3/12/1857
Flowers of Evil Baudelaire, Charles 6/25/1857
Oblomov Goncharov 1859
Tale of Two Cities Dickens, Charles 1859
"Vous qui faites l'endormie" (Faust) Gounod, Charles f.p. Paris 3/19/1859
"Le veau d'or" (Faust) Gounod, Charles f.p. Paris 3/19/1859
"Le Vallon" Gounod, Charles ?
Darwin Great Books 49 11/24/1859
Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee Brown, Dee 1860-90
Modernist Impulse in American Protestantism Hutchison 1860
Walden Thoreau, Henry David 1860
House of the Dead Dostoevsky, Fyodor 1860
"Malaguena" (transc. guitar) Albeniz, Isaac b. 1860
Lieder Tschaikowsky, Peter 1860 ff.
"Pilgrim's Song" Tschaikowsky, Peter ?
Fathers & Sons Turgenev, Ivan 1862
"Non imprecare" (La Forza del Destino) Verdi, Giuseppe f.p. St. Petersburg 11/10/1862
Christmas Oratorio Saint-Saens, Camille 1863
Der Gang zum Liebchen Brahms, Johannes c. 1864
Notes From Underground Dostoevsky, Fyodor 1864
"Chere Nuit" Bachelet, Alfred b. 1864
"Praise the Lord, O My Soul", op. 59, no. 1 Gretchaninoff, A. b. 1864
The Family Mark Twain, v. 1 Twain, Mark 1865
The Family Mark Twain, v.2    
Tristan und Isolde (score) Wagner, Richard f.p. 6/10/1865
Tristan und Isolde (libretto) Wagner, Richard f.p. 6/10/1865
Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky, Fyodor 1865-6
Romeo and Juliet (score) Gounod, Charles f.p. 4/27/1867
Peer Gynt Ibsen, Henrick 1867
Cox and Box Sullivan, Arthur 12/1867
12 Songs Duparc, Henri 1868-85
Beyond the 100th Meridian Stegner, Wallace 1868
"Ave Signor" (Mefistofele) Boito, Arrigo f.p. Milan 3/5/1868
Waltz op. 39, no. 15 Brahms, Johannes 1869
Tolstoy Great Books 51 1869
Modern Russian Short Stories   1869
Revue Melodique for One piano, four hands Beyer, Ferd. 1869
The Rhinegold (score) Wagner, Richard f.p. 9/22/1869
Selected French Stories   1870
The Way of a Pilgrim Bacovcin, Helen, tr.  
Fundamentalism & American Culture   1870-1925
Lord Alfred Douglas Hyde, H. Montgomery b. 10/22/1870
Motet: Os justi Bruckner, Anton 1871
Bertrand Russell: The Passionate Skeptic Wood, Alan b. 5/18/1872
Erstes Lied aus "Sechs religiose russische Lieder" op.51 Tscherepnin, Nikolaj b. 1873
Willie: Maugham Calder, Robert b. 1/25/1874
Boris Godunov (score) Mussorgsky, Modeste f.p. 2/8/1874
Without Sun Mussorgsky, Modeste 1874
The First Night Gilbert and Sullivan Gilbert/ Sullivan  
Trial by Jury (score) Gilbert/ Sullivan f.p. 3/25/1875
Songs and Dances of Death Mussorgsky, Modeste 4/14/1875
Siegfried (score) Wagner, Richard f.p. 8/16/1876
Siegfried (2nd score) Wagner, Richard f.p. 8/16/1876
Feldeinsamkeit op. 86, no. 2 Brahms, Johannes 1877
Michelangelo Lieder Wolf, Hugo 1877-1887
Mississippi Writings Twain, Mark  
Piano Works in Two Volumes (II) Brahms, Johannes 1879 ff.
Song of the Flea Mussorgsky, Modeste 1879
Concise History of Modern Painting Read, Herbert 1879
The Pirates of Penzance Gilbert/ Sullivan f.p. 12/31/1879
"I am the very model of a modern Major-General" (Pirates) Gilbert/ Sullivan f.p. 12/31/1879
"Oh, better far to live and die" (Pirates of Penzance) Gilbert/ Sullivan f.p. 12/31/1879
Dostoevsky Great Books 52 1880
Automne op. 18, no. 3 Faure, Gabriel 1880
The Life & Music of Bela Bartok Stevens, Halsey b. 3/25/1881
Les Berceaux op23, no.1 Faure, Gabriel 1882
Iolanthe (score) Gilbert/ Sullivan f.p. 11/25/1882
Marx Great Books 50 1883
Der Tod, das ist die kuhle Nacht op. 96 Brahms, Johannes 1884
Thus Spoke Zarathustra Nietzsche, Friedrich 1885
Alban Berg Reich, Willie 2/9/1885
"Mi-ya sa-ma" (The Mikado) Gilbert/ Sullivan f.p. 3/14/1885
"A more humane Mikado" (The Mikado) Gilbert/ Sullivan f.p. 3/14/1885
"See how the Fates their gifts allot" (The Mikado) Gilbert/ Sullivan f.p. 3/14/1885
The Mikado (full score) Gilbert/ Sullivan f.p. 3/14/1885
"Auf dem Kirchhofe," " Verrath" op.105, nos. 4-5 Brahms, Johannes 1886
"Here in This Place" (Khovanshchina) Mussorgsky, Modeste f.p. St. Petersburg 2/21/1886
Requiem Faure, Gabriel 1887
Romance Debussy, Claude 1887
Three Plays Strindberg, August 1887
Major Plays Chekhov, Anton 1887
Polovetzian Dance (Prince Igor) for trombone and piano Borodin, Alexander 1887
Aspern Papers/Turn of the Screw James, Henry 3/1888-5/1888
Symphonie in Re Mineur (bass trombone part) Franck, Cesar 1888
Symphony in D minor Franck, Cesar 1888
Liederbuch Wolf, Hugo 1888
"Anakreon's Grab" Wolf, Hugo ?
Symphony #1 (score) Mahler, Gustav 1888
Ecce Homo Nietzsche, Friedrich 1889
"Clair de Lune" (extrait de "Suite bergamasque") Debussy, Claude 1890
End of European Era Gilbert 1890
Cavalleria Rusticana (libretto) Mascagni, Pietro f.p. 5/17/1890
Proud Tower Tuchman, Barbara  
William James Great Books 53  
Hedda Gabler Ibsen, Henrik  
Four Modern Plays Ibsen, et al  
Italienisches Liederbuch Wolf, Hugo 1891
"Und willst du deinen Liebsten sterben sehen" Wolf, Hugo 1891
Prelude op. 3, no. 2 in C# minor Rachmaninoff, Sergei 1892
"Le Temps des Lilas" Chausson, Ernest 1892
Pelleas et Melisande Maeterlinck, Maurice 1892
The Master Builder and Other Plays Ibsen, Henrik 1892
I Pagliacci (score) Leoncavallo, Ruggiero f.p. 5/21/1892
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The Catcher in the Rye Salinger, J.D. 1951
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The Marriage Feast Lagerkvist, Par 1954
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